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Paint Protection Film


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About the Products Used

Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film is a solution to keep your vehicle safe against; rocks, oils, bird droppings, bug acids, gravel, salt, tree sap and magnesium chloride. This film looks as though it isn't even there! It leaves no difference in appearance as the product ages with the vehicles's paint and you can wash and wax your vehicle normally. Unlike other films, this Paint Protection Film will not stain yellow and is self healing with time. 

Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film

The Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film  provides the same protection against chips and paint damage that the Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film does. This film however, is tailored towards vehicles with a matte finish and looks as though it isn't even there.

Xpel Prime XR Window Film

The Prime XR is an ideal choice when you want a film without metallic ingredients. This film is unique as it utilizes ceramic particle technology and blocks majority of harmful infrared radiation and UV rays. This film also has a high clarity even in it's darker shades and a clear signal for radio and technology.

Xpel Prime CS Window Film

Xpel Prime CS is a high quality window tinting film. This film is meant to keep you and your passengers both safe and comfortable. Tinting the vehicle windows with such a film will protect against harmful glare from infrared and UV rays, it is even capable of blocking over 99% of  these harmful rays. This film also brings the passenger's comfort as it blocks solar heat radiation, leaving you at a comfortable temperature. It is the promise of Xpel that this tinting solution will not  peel, crack, bubble or turn purple.

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